The team at GRG were a great pleasure to work with.  They kept a tight schedule and always performed well.  Their professionalism, and quality of work were more valuable than we anticipated.  We hope to work with GRG again!” –Noah Newman, Education Coordinator, Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network (CoCoRaHS)

“Exceptional evaluation partners, like Goodman Research Group, are rare. They are true collaborators when building solid project assessments as well as insightful during formative evaluation by providing solid recommendations for realignment. They truly understood our informal, inclusive, family-science approach to STEM experiences. We always felt that our evaluation team, led by the incredible Dr. Gareis, was 100% committed to our project, timely, professional and available. They were an integral part of the project team and the success of the project.” Angela Wenger, Executive Vice President & COO of Center for Aquatic Sciences

Irene and her staff did an marvelous job developing the research study, keeping us updated on its progress, and providing clear, usable data for the Scholarship Office and Board of Directors to consider at the conclusion of the project.  I can’t say enough good things about working with Irene and her colleagues at GRG, Inc.  They delivered on all their promises and made the overall experience quite pleasant.“-Sam Rennick, Former Director of Scholarship Programs, The Ford Family Foundation, Eugene, OR.

Goodman Research Group was far and away the best evaluator experience we have had, both in professional practice and in clarity of results.  Their commitment to understanding the mission of the project, evaluating its many components, and answering any and all questions we had made for a great experience.  Their recommendations were also key in successive proposals we submitted.  We would not hesitate to work with them again and have recommended them as our first choice to others!“-Julieanna Richardson, Founder & Executive Director, The HistoryMakers, Chicago, IL.

The team at Goodman Research Group served as the independent evaluators of Teachinghistory.org, a website developed for the U.S. Department of Education that helps K-12 teachers access free resources and materials to improve U.S. history education in the classroom.  In addition to providing monthly usage reports and analysis over a two-year period, GRG also conducted a survey of current users, and a guided review with potential users and other targeted audiences.  The team at GRG was responsive to our needs and questions about the process.  Thanks to their work, we learned more about our current audience and discovered how different audiences interact with the site, which helped us improve and promote Teachinghistory.org more effectively.”-Kelly Schrum, Director of Educational Projects, and Jennifer Rosenfeld, Associate Director of Educatioal Projects, Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA.

Goodman Research Group has been a vital partner for us. They’ve helped us get to know our users deeply … who they are, what’s working for them, and how we can better serve them. Over the years we’ve also come to count on Irene and her team to help us see areas of need and to help us conceptualize new products and services. And all of this is done with real warmth and professionalism.“-Christian Lindstrom, Director, Learning Media, WETA, Arlington, VA.

“In my 30 years experience in education, I have never experienced such professionalism in the conduct of program evaluation as that of Irene Goodman and her staff. The whole group has the knack of helping the project team feel comfortable and yet giving us timely and important feedback for the improvement of our programs. I would not hesitate to work with GRG again and I highly recommend them.”-Cynthia Darche Park, Professor, Executive Director, Pre-College Programs, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA.

“GRG’s well-crafted and expertly implemented evaluation of our TV series enabled us to make important modifications to the product in development. We came away from their evaluation report with a clear understanding of how the series and outreach materials motivated viewers from across the country to revisit the age-old relationship between human beings and their environment.”-Marilyn and Hal Weiner, Screenscope, Inc., Washington, D.C.

“As a result of GRG’s superior research effort in this complex project (64 schools and 4200 alumnae participated), we have been able to document the benefits of an all-girl educational experience. GRG carried out the evaluation with professionalism and skill. Their integrity as researchers receives high marks. Deadlines and expectations were met!” –Meg Milne Moulton & Whitney Ransome, Former Co-Executive Directors, National Coalition of Girls’ Schools, Concord, MA.

“The summary of GRG’s formative research flew off the shelves at a recent conference we attended! People in the field were very interested. The evaluation did exactly what we hopes it would: it provided development research for us to make a better product, and helped put us on the map as a serious player in the art education field.” –Eric Guaglione, Former President and CEO, GeeGuides, LLC, Durango, CO.

“After seven years, we continue to have a wonderfully dynamic relationship with GRG. They are experts in backup child care evaluation, invariably providing WFD and our clients with fresh answers to today’s challenging child care questions.” –Judith Presser, Program Manager, Work/Family Directions, Watertown, MA.

“Goodman Research Group is an invaluable asset to our collaborative. They design and implement evaluation strategies that enable us to improve our programs and capitalize on what we do best. Irene and the GRG staff are creative problem solvers who develop evaluation tools that meet the unique needs of the middle school girls we serve in out-of-school-time programs. GRG’s evaluation expertise helps us to continue to strive for excellence.
-Deborah Muscella, Girls Get Connected Collaborative, Somerville, MA.

“Goodman Research Group has done an excellent job designing and, to date, of executing a complex, multi-dimensional, multi-institutional, evaluation study of university-based Women in Engineering Program.”
-Ted Greenwood, Former Program Officer, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, New York, NY.

“We had always had felt that we were making a difference, but the GRG study enabled us to substantiate this. We’ve also been able to successfully implement GRG’s thoughtful recommendations, improving our program even more. We were delighted with their work.”  –Linda Braun, Former Executive Director, Families First, Cambridge, MA.

“EDC’s revision of the Society of Automotive Engineers’ “A World in Motion” curriculum relied heavily on GRG’s study of how teachers used it in the classrooms, and what they thought of it. Without their thorough and careful study, we would not have been able to address as effectively the issues that matter most to teachers. Largely because of their study, we believe that the revised curriculum will be much better than the previous version.”
-Dan Dick, Former Project Director, “A World in Motion”, Education Development Center, Newton, MA.

“In 1998, GRG conducted a thorough review of our A World In Motion curriculum. The report from their evaluation provided very useful recommendations for Education Development Center’s revision of the materials. Now, seven years later, we’ve contacted GRG again, this time to conduct a long-term study of the effects of AWIM on students and teachers. We have been impressed with their work to date!” –Kathleen O’Connor, Former K-12 Education Manager, SAE International, Warrendale, PA.

“As a result of working with GRG, our staff has learned how to design projects for maximum impact. We now think up-front about the outcomes we’re seeking and how we’ll measure them effectively. GRG gives us very clear and practical information and recommendations that we can put to use immediately as we develop new initiatives.”
-Beth Kirsch, Former Director of Educational Outreach, WGBH-TV, Boston, MA.

“When we began working with the GRG team, I felt a huge weight drop off my shoulders. During our planning conversations, I got a feeling they knew what we needed and could deliver. They did not disappoint. They were always available for phone conversations and they went above and beyond to deliver the data analysis I needed before my deadline.” –Mary Ann Wojton, Senior Director of Teacher and Student Programs, COSI Columbus, Columbus, OH.