The following is a small sample of our work at Goodman Research Group, Inc. While we have arranged these reports by main topic, many of the programs we evaluate also include formal and informal supplementary curricula, training, and outreach components.  The documents below are predominantly Executive Summaries; full reports are marked with an asterisk.

Massachusetts Linking Experiences and Pathways Project

Massachusetts Linking Experiences and Pathways Final Report (2013)*

Massachusetts Linking Experiences and Pathways Executive Summary (2014)



Out of School / Lifelong Learning


2012 ScienceMakers: African Americans and Scientific Innovation (The HistoryMakers)

2009 iCODE (University of Massachusetts, Lowell)

2009 Dan River Information Technology Academy (IALR)

2009 Community Ambassadors in Science Exploration (The Franklin Institute)

2008 Technology @ Crossroads (Girls Get Connected Collaborative)

2007 Cambridge Science Festival (MIT Museum)

2004 Science Enrichment Program (The National Cancer Institute)

2001 Building Big (WGBH)



2017 Next Generation Leadership (WGBH)

2016 Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT, Brown University)

2016 Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (IIE)


2012 Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program (Harvard Graduate School of Education)


2011 Ford Scholars Program (The Ford Family Foundation)

2011 Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship Program (Triangle Coalition)

2010 Fulbright New Century Scholars (IIE)


Professional Development

2011 Biobridge Teacher Professional Development Model (University of California, San Diego)

2008 Report to the Membership (American Evaluation Association) *

2007 BECSA II (National Association of Charter School Authorizers)

2007 Project POWER (Wildlife Conservation Society)

2004 National Teacher Training Institute (Thirteen / WNET)


Formal Education

2012 Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) Indiana (Purdue University)

2012 It's About Discovery (Ohio State University at Lima)

2010 A World in Motion (SAE International)

2008 Fuel Cell Challenge Field Test (SAE International)

2006 Economic Botany Curriculum (New York Botanical Garden)

2005 Science and Literacy in Education Curriculum (JASON Foundation for Education)


Television, Radio, and Web


2012 Frozen Planet (Discovery Channel)

2012 Terrascope Youth Radio (MIT) *

2011 Making Stuff (WGBH)

2011 NOVA ScienceNOW Season 5 (WGBH)

2011 Reading Rockets 9 (WETA)

2007 Journey to Planet Earth (Screenscope)

2006 MIT World (MIT)


Children's Television

2010 Sid the Science Kid (KCET)

2009 Fetch Season 3 (WGBH)

2007 Design Squad (WGBH)

2007 Peep and the Big Wide World Season 4 (WGBH)

2003 ZOOM™  Season 5 (WGBH)


2001 Between The Lions (WGBH)


Museums, Science Centers, and Libraries

2011 Passport to Learning (Shelburne Museum)*

2010 The Black Holes Experiment Gallery (Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)*

2008 EarthScope (Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory)



2011 Met Opera: HD Live in Schools (The Metropolitan Opera)

2010 The Metropolitan Opera HD Live in Schools (The Metropolitan Opera)

2009 We Shall Remain (WGBH)

2009 Music Instinct (Thirteen / WNET) *

2005 GeeGuides sayART and seeART (GeeGuides, LLC)

2003 Bridging World History (Oregon Public Broadcasting) *

2001 American Literature: A Literary Survey (Oregon Public Broadcasting)


2012 Renew Boston Residential Energy Efficiency Program (Massachusetts Energy Consumers Alliance)

2008 EEsmarts (Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund)

2008 Clean Energy Climate Solutions Project, CT (Clean Air-Cool Planet)*

2008 Clean Energy Climate Solutions Project, MA (Clean Air-Cool Planet)*


Women and Girls

2005 Alumnae Survey (The National Coalition of Girls' Schools)

2002 Women's Experiences in College Engineering Project (NSF and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation) *

1999 Alumnae Survey (The National Coalition of Girls' Schools)


Health and Human Development

2009 Embryo Donation Track (RESOLVE)

2008 Schwartz Center Rounds (The Kenneth B. Schwartz Center)

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