The Women's Experiences in College Engineering (WECE) Project Full Report (PDF)

This report presents findings and recommendations from the first cross-institutional, longitudinal examination of undergraduate women’s experiences and persistence in engineering majors programs in the United States. Funded by both the National Science Foundation and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and conducted by Goodman Research Group, Inc. (GRG), the three-year study highlights the importance of support activities to women’s persistence.

The report explores the aspects of undergraduate women’s educational experiences that are critical to their retention in engineering. It finds that a number of factors influence women’s overall engineering experience, and that involvement in social enrichment activities, positive change in self-confidence, and positive perceptions about the classroom and department environment are among those that define women who tend to stay in the major. The report provides specific recommendations including stepping up efforts to provide opportunities for undergraduate women to participate in on-campus community-building and making room for students to pursue and develop other interests and skills in the first two years.

A printed and bound copy of the full project report (300 pages, includes 26 pages of color graphs and the executive summary) is available for $60 (includes postage and handling). A printed and bound copy of the Executive Summary (2-color; 12 pages) is available for $10 (includes postage and handling). Email Boyd I.R. Hampton (hampton@grginc.com) with purchase requests.

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