Organizational Philosophy

Everything we do at GRG is motivated by a deep commitment to our clients’ needs. This commitment expresses itself in four ways:

  • A customized approach to client needs
    We don’t believe in generic solutions. Our objectives, methods, analyses, and reporting are designed to reflect each client’s unique needs and project goals. These evaluations often help clients translate research recommendations into significant program improvements and policy changes, which can be used to attract future funding. In practice, evaluation results are rarely entirely positive. When our clients are faced with challenging findings, we provide them with strategic recommendations on how problems can best be addressed and solutions applied.
  • A fresh perspective
    We’re not locked into any one way of thinking. With our experience spanning a spectrum of disciplines, sectors, and organizations, we examine every project with an unbiased eye and bring a fresh perspective to understanding the issues at hand.
  • An open and dynamic working relationship
    We pride ourselves on developing excellent working relationships with our clients, based on strong communication and a dynamic, collaborative spirit. We help clients clarify their goals and formulate meaningful, measurable objectives. We aim to deepen our clients’ understanding of evaluation. To us, this is as vital as conducting the evaluations themselves. We also recognize that projects aren’t static but evolve over time. You won’t see us only at the beginning and end of a project; rather we will work closely with you throughout the process.
  • A balance between tradition and innovation
    Our research methods are broadly and solidly grounded in traditional techniques of data collection and analysis. However, we are also fluent in more sophisticated statistical analyses, such as hierarchical linear modeling (HLM) and survival analysis, and in technology-driven methods, such as social network analysis.